Mansion House Swim, Tennis & Dive

Private Parties at MHC

We welcome our club members to use the facilities for their own parties.

Please contact our secretary at to reserve your spot on the calendar. 

All currently confirmed reserved dates may be found on the MHC Calendar located on the home page so please visit to make sure your date is available. 

A 2018 MHC Private Party Application needs to be submitted to our coordinator. The rules, procedures, and fees are also found on that link. 

Once your date and party have been approved, you have the option of paying your $75 facilities fee online or by check. If paying online, please visit MHC Party Fee. There will be a $5 processing fee for all online payments. Once fees have been paid, your reservation will appear on the website and our Google calendar. 

Thanks for thinking of MHC for your party needs!

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