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MHC Youth Tennis Program Descriptions

8 and Under—Ages 4-6: Quick Start 1

$230 summer (Program Code: U8 4-6)

The newest players will learn tennis tailored to their size and age. Special balls, nets, and court dimensions will be used to ensure everyone has fun and learns the fundamentals.

8 and Under—Ages 6-8: Quick Start 2

$230 summer (Program Code: U8 6-8)

This is for the beginning younger player, but also serves as a continuation of U8 (age 4-6). This class still uses special balls and smaller court dimensions, but has some additional drills and games for the younger players that need a little more of a challenge.

Performance I—Ages 9+:

$300 summer (Program Code: P-I)

For the beginner youth tennis player looking to learn the strokes, mechanics and general footwork.

Performance II—Ages 9+ (with instructor approval):

$300 summer (Program Code: P-II)

For the intermediate youth tennis player looking to learn regular match play, along with basic and more advanced stroke play and footwork. Possible match play experience with local pools Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons.

High Performance—Ages 9+(with instructor approval):

$300 summer (Program Code: HP)

Intensive drills and match play for the advanced player. Match play with other local pool/tennis clubs in the MVCT league on Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons.


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